"Today I Live": A Play In Progress


 "Today I Live" explores the trauma of displacement and the struggle of an artist grappling with her past.  In a flat in London, a Persian woman isolates herself from her husband and children.  In the same flat in 1821, an Irish mapmaker’s peace is disturbed when his estranged son discovers his whereabouts.  Influencing each other through time and space, the Irish Mapmaker and the Persian Artist awaken each other’s desires and nightmares, moving into closer and closer proximity with each other.


 "Today I Live" draws from Ferdowsi's epic poem "Shahnameh" and legends of the Irish hero Cúchulainn. The play is primarily in English with some Farsi and Irish Gaelic.

“Today I Live” has been developed in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art on two occasions through the Graduate Alumni programme. In 2012, a third draft was presented in a workshop production at the University of California, Davis for which Susan-Jane Harrison was a recipient of the Margrit Mondavi Fellowship. In order to illuminate her understanding of the character from a fresh viewpoint, Harrison played the role of Niaz in this production. A more or less final draft is expected to emerge in late 2014.

The playwright is sincerely appreciative to the actors, directors and designers who contribute their insights and considerable talent to these processes. Striving to bring this challenging play into the light is a truly collaborative experience.

Sculptor Vivien Whitaker on “Today I Live”


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